The evolution of PM Photo

  PM Photo

 PM Photo has been my life blood for the last 27 years and will continue to be part of who I am as a photographer.

For those who may be following me in my newsletters or know me personally would know by now that since May 2014 I have branched out into creating books about dogs in Sydney. This business is called My Dog’s Territory and has so far published 3 books and about to have the 4th book published on dogs living in the Sydney City council. Our books series has been so successful that I have decided to take a direction in my photography towards project driven ideas. Which has given the creation of a new business name called Storybook Photography by Pierre Mardaga. This concept will bring together all of the project ideas that I hope to take on over the years to come. There are many concepts that I look forwards to covering and currently the one that I will be undertaking right now is about Mothers and Daughters. The basis of the sessions will be to tell a story about what the mothers and daughters love to do together or what special bonds they have and wish to recount in an editorialised photo session. So far we have photographed several mother and daughter shoots with saying themes. One of the first sessions was about a mother and daughter enjoying playing netball together.  


We will be continuing to photograph wedding and portrait session as we have done over the last 27 years of PM Photo but a new direction will take most of our focus in the coming years. We do hope you will follow us on our Facebook page. Storybook Photography by Pierre Mardaga will combine most of the concepts that we have been doing over the years which is telling a story via photography. Weddings tell stories of love between two people and the desire to share a life together. Families have stories of love and shared interests. We look forwards to hearing your story. To register your story to be photographed just head over to our registration page.

Like a Summer Breeze – Jazz band photography

Like a Summer Breeze is a jazz band with Susan Gai Dowling, Tania Bowra and Leonie Cohen. They will be performing a live concert at the Colbourne Ave 37-47 St Johns Rd, Glebe, New South Wales 2037. Catch them on the 10th December from 8pm.

I had the pleasure of photographing the promotional shots for upcoming gigs this mischievous trio will be performing.

Should you miss the gig at the Colbourne in Glebe, more shows will be announced very soon at the 505 which is at 280 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010.

Jazz Band photographyJazz Band photography Jazz Band photography

Family Portraits for Christmas

Christmas Portrait Sessions


At PM Photo we are looking forwards to Family Portraits for Christmas Sessions season. We are offering family portrait sessions on location for individuals, couples and families at a location that will inspire you. You might like a beautiful park or a waterfront with sunset. These portrait sessions will give you the style of image that best reflect your families personality and make fantastic Christmas gifts.

A limited time is left for you to book your family in for a shoot in time for Christmas. Sessions can be booked any day of the week and weekend in the morning only.

For a session fee of $90 you will be able t view up to 30 edited images and get a complementary 20 x 30cm print of your choice. Additional prints can also be ordered from the photos taken on the day. Your viewing can be booked a few days after the shoot. Viewings of the photos can take place during the week between 8am and 8pm. No viewing are done on weekends due to being out taking photos. Please contact us should you have any further questions in regards to the photo shoot or pricing.

*Newborn photography is usually done in our studio and maybe organised as a special request

Time is running out.  So act now or miss out on this great offer for Family Portraits for Christmas.


Call Pierre on 0414 645 075 and register before the 10th November 2016.


Phone: 0414 645 075
Session fee is payable upon booking

Mother and Daughter dance off

To all mothers, what do you love doing with your daughter?

I found this video which goes some way to explaining the concept of our up coming project where we are searching for mothers and daughters to be photographed together telling the story of what they love sharing together.

Storybook photography by Pierre Mardaga has created a photographic business about mothers and daughters photography. It’s a must check out site.

This particular video has gone viral

Mother and daughter dance off

Portrait Photography that tells a story

We are making a small change in how we will be approaching the style of PM Photo. Right now we will be focusing on different themes over the next few years and doing portrait photography that tells a story.

What this means it that there will be call out for people who relate to the theme we are celebrating on. Currently we will be capturing the bonds between mother and daughter in a series that reveals what they love to share together in a documentary style of photography.

As each theme is completed a new theme will come about. We already have some great ideas for future themes and will be announcing them in due course.

Portrait Photography that tells a story

Mother and Daughter Photography

Be one of the first to participate in a new project that we are about to launch. Mother and daughters photography will be the theme of an upcoming book series. We are at the early stages of the planning for the book and are after anyone who would like to be part of our promotional material. If you get in early we will be offering you a 50% discount off anything that you may wish to order. Not only will you be getting amazing offer for the prints but there will not be a session fee applied to the sitting.

Once the project gets started early next year there will be a $75 participation fee which will contribute to covering our photography and raise $1,500 for a charity that will be announced in January 2016

We will be hoping to photograph over 100 mothers and daughters over 2016 to have the book ready for the end of the year. Hopefully in time for Christmas. More details of the book will be revealed in due time.

The book will have a theme that aims to illustrate the bonds between mother and daughter, showing what brings them together and how they love to share their time together. We are looking for stories of love from the first moments a baby is born, capture mothers and daughters enjoying their favourite activities together, come to photograph family businesses. We hope to find a range of stories, from the most joyful moments to some of the harder challenges that may have been overcome.

The book is to showcase strength and love with a story that is real and meaningful.

To get in before everyone else just contact us now with a small story about what special moments you love to share with your mother or daughter. We are so excited to get this new and amazing book on mother and daughter photography started.

Family photo in France

I have been enjoying a lovely break in the north east of France in Metz where I have been staying at my sister-inlaw’s place. It is a beautiful city surrounded by fortifications that date back to 1230. During this time I have spent quiet a bit of time visiting historic sites and going out on day trips in the surrounding villages and managing to get to a few wineries tasting some of the local produce. This area may not be as known as a major wine area such as Bordeaux but it has some very good wines to try out. In fact I have taken on a duty to only drink local wines whilst in Metz and it has been an enjoyable experience. Our hosts have been very educational showing us a wide variety of different cheeses and breads to accompany the wines.

As a thank you to my sister in-law and partner I took a few portraits in their home in Metz, France. Here are a few of the shots that were taken.

Family photos in France Family photos in France

Family photos in France

Outdoor headshots for your business profile

Outdoor HeadshotsWhen planning a head shoot for your business profile it is best to discuss with your photographer the image you wish to portray. The style with the most flexibility and best for team photos where staff may change regularly is with a white background. They are always simple and effective and can be used in the widest range of formats.

However if you are a small business or work for yourself it is easier to customise your image. Choosing a setting that relates to your business image will strengthen your brand even more. Outdoor headshots are the perfect setting for people working in health and fitness, environmental management and businesses who are mostly meeting people out of the office.

For more tips on how to prepare for your headshots just head over to the following page headshots-and-portrait-photography





Outdoor headshot in Sydney. Contact Pierre to discuss your image.

Family Portrait Month

What a day of great inspiration to be part of the family portrait month seminar with such great speakers.

Kate Buchner of Uber photography

Angie Baxter of Angie Baxter Photography

Shirleen Hammond of Field of Vision Photography

Natalie Howe of Natalie Howe photography

The event was organised by photography coach Bernie Griffiths

There was plenty of inspiration covering photography workflow, getting the essential photos for a portrait session and inspirational photography.

More importantly the event raised funds for the Breast Cancer foundation.


It still not too late to register for the National Family portrait month and donate $65 towards the Breast Cancer Foundation.

The National Family Portrait Month Facebook page will keep you up to date with all the latest news from all the amazing photographer part of the project.

Family portrait month is a yearly event and at PM Photo we are look forwards to many more years being part of this project.

National Family Portrat Month

Cabarita Wedding

Lesley and Terry’s wedding day 18th April 2015. Cabarita Wedding.

Ceremony at Elkington Park, Balmain

Harbour Cruise with Sydney Celebration Cruises

Wedding Reception Vela dining and Bar

On a perfect April day Lesley and Terry’s wedding with family and friends from Sydney and London. Relaxed and very sociable wedding day with an outdoor ceremony followed by a harbour cruise. All guest were taken from Elkington Park in Balmain to Cabarita for the reception at Vela Dining.

Cabarita Wedding